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Even More Moving Prep

April 19, 2010

Moving prep is coming right along!  Our official departure date is Wednesday April 28th in the evening.  Or maybe Thursday morning. We’re not totally sure yet.  We have approx 20 hours of driving to accomplish, and we want to give ourselves at least three days to do it.  We’re hoping to hit 6-7 hours of driving time per day.  The main thing we’re worried about is how Isaac will react to being in his car seat that much.  Wish us luck!

This weekend I started listing furniture that we want to sell, which means the pain of moving is starting because now we have to live without things we use every day.  We cleared out a LOT of stuff this weekend:

– Bookshelf.  Also gave away all our books.

– Kitchen Cart.  Coffee pot now has to sit on the stove, pots & pans are in a random cupboard now

– 2 Wooden Chairs

– Three random bedside tables

– Lamp

– Cat Litter Boxes

– Shoe Rack

-Greta’s purple chair is getting picked up today by another lady with a Great Dane!

The good news about getting rid of stuff is realizing that we got almost all of it for free or cheap.   Other than the bookshelf & kitchen cart, everything in the above list was free!   Here are the big things that still need to go.   We want to get money for these so they are the highest pressure!

-Kitchen Table & Chairs

-Bedroom Set

-TV Stand

-Changing Table (or maybe we will keep this? It does pack up flat…)

Here’s what we’re going to keep & try to load into the trailer

– TV (wish us luck on this one. I hope it fits.  It was expensive and I dont want to sell it for a $1000 loss so we’re going to try to bring it along with us)

– Isaac’s Crib

-Jamie’s Desk & Chair

-Maybe the rocking chair from Isaac’s room

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