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Road Trip Preparations

April 8, 2010

More progress is being made!  We’ve been giving a lot of stuff away for free on Craigslist lately.

– Garden stakes

– chicken wire

– broken wheelbarrow

– bunch of wood scraps

– various vases and decorative household things that we don’t want to haul.  By the way, ONE person came and picked up a giant box full of junky household stuff.  Really random mismatched type stuff.  Either she was a hoarder and has a house full of junk or she participates in flea markets…?

As for pets, major changes have happened there.  We decided against driving cross country with the cats and have been struggling to decide on the best thing to do with them.   My mom is in love with Barbie, so we decided to pony up the cash to send Barbie cross country via a Delta cargo flight.  She arrived safely on Tuesday night and is getting comfortable in her new (sort of) home.  She already stayed with my mom during our bike trip, so she’s familiar with the house and knows my mom so it’ll be an easy transition for her.   As for Robo, my dad offered to keep him as a barn cat on his “Texas Ranchette.”  We were considering this but were also trying to decide what was best for Robo. We finally decided that if we could find an ideal situation for him here in Seattle it would be better than shipping him cargo and having him live outside in the Texas climate to potentially get eaten by an alligator.  We posted an ad on Craigslist, didn’t get any responses for a day, and then got one email from the head gardener at an organic farm that grows all the produce served at the Herb Farm – a super fancy restaurant here in Seattle.  The head gardener seemed like a super nice guy and was looking for a cat to live on his farm and chase rats.  The perfect situation for Robo – he can come and go all day, live on a safe Seattle farm, and have lots of gardeners around all the time to play with him.  We were really sad to let him go, but considering what we’re about to set out to do we think it’s the best choice for him.

As for trailers and hauling stuff, here’s what we’ve decided to do:  We’re going to get rid of all the furniture and keep all the household stuff.  We’ll box that all up, put it into a Uhaul trailer, and use our 4Runner to haul it to Boulder.  The downside of a Uhaul is that we have to load/unload the trailer every time we move but we’ve decided renting a trailer is a better option for us. We aren’t sure of the size of trailer we need, we don’t want to be stuck with a giant trailer, if we were to buy a trailer we need one with brakes which means we’d have to buy the trailer new (there are no used ones with brakes on craigslist in Seattle right now).  Do you find this all very boring?  I do!  So basically, buying an appropriate trailer is no longer the easier/cheaper option so we don’t want to mess around with it.

I leave for Vegas tomorrow – I’m going to a bachelorette party.  When I get back we’ll begin to sell all the furniture!

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