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Boulder House is Official!

March 19, 2010

Plans are coming together for the summer.  We are getting excited!   Yesterday we officially found a house to sublease in Boulder.  It’ll be furnished, it is big enough for us + Isaac + Greta + Jamie’s work space, they’re letting us rent it for just 2 months, they have a big fenced in backyard, and they don’t mind that we have Greta.  We’re so excited to have found such a perfect fit – this was the one part of the summer plan that I was worried about working out.  And now it is taken care of.  YAY!

So here’s an outline of our summer adventure:

  • Leave Seattle on May 1st.  Originally our 2 year lease expired on May 15th, but I talked to our landlord yesterday and he is OK with us leaving on the 1st. 
  • Take 2 days (we think) to drive to Boulder.  We’re planning to take the drive slowly because we’ll have Greta, Isaac, and will be towing a big trailer.  We’re kind of excited about the route we’ll be driving to get to Boulder – it will take us through lots of places we’ve never visited.  Check it out:
    • NE Oregon: It is known for its lush, fertile farmlands and its awe-inspiring chasms. Home to the deepest gorge in North America, it is considered by some to be a symbol of the Northwest’s historic claim as this continent’s last great frontier.  (I stole them from a tourist website, can you tell?) 🙂
    • SW Idaho: is true river country. Its geography is a tapestry of some of the West’s most powerful and abundant river sources.  Known for rafting & fly fishing! And potatoes.
    • Salt Lake City, UT.  Never been there, but have heard it is beautiful!
    • Wyoming.  Did you know Wyoming is the least populous state in the USA?  I can’t find anything about Southern Wyoming online, though…  Mountains I think?
    • image
  • We’ll stay in our subleased Boulder house for May, June, and the 1st week of July


  • Drive to Fargo and visit Jamie’s family for July, August, and September.  We can’t wait to hang out at their little farm and the lake cabin!


  • Drive to Wilmington, NC where my mom, Grandma, and Aunt live.  We plan to stay there through Christmas (at least).


  • After that we’re not sure.  Dad has invited us to visit him in Texas, so we are definitely considering that.  And all along the way our plan is to keep our eyes open and try to make the final decision about where to live.  We want to be closer to family, but we also want to live in an area of the country that we enjoy.  And a place with good job opportunities for both of us. 

We’re excited to see what happens!

There is a lot of stuff we have to get done before May 1st.  Here are the biggies:

  • Buy a new car.  We’re considering the Honda Pilot or the Toyota Highlander. 
  • Buy a trailer to haul our stuff cross country.  We’re looking at 6×12 enclosed cargo trailers.  It looks like these cost about $2000-2500, which is must cheaper than the cost to use PODS.  They charge $200/month for storage, and then it’d be $3600 to deliver everything to North Carolina.  Oh, and on top of that, PODS doesn’t deliver to everywhere in the US so if we happen to settle somewhere without delivery we’d be facing another big mess to figure out. 
  • Get rid of the stuff we don’t want to haul with us.  Grill, Couch, Old Mattresses, Gross furniture that we don’t like & mostly got out of neighbors’ curbside garbage piles, other stuff TBD…
  • Get boxes for packing, and get started on the stuff we don’t use very often.  Time is running out!
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  1. GrandPapa DEE permalink
    March 20, 2010 6:16 am

    When will you be ready for company in Boulder? Not kidding!

    Peace & Love

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