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Changes & Planning at the Farmette

March 15, 2010

We had a very busy weekend working on plans for our summer adventure!  Here’s what we’ve been up to. 

1. Test drove some new car candidates.  We need to get a larger vehicle for our cross country trip, and also for every day life.  Greta & Isaac do not fit comfortably in the backseat of the Civic.  We looked at the Honda CRV and the Honda Pilot.  We hate car shopping and wish someone would just take some money out of our bank account, drop off a car on our driveway, and tell us to deal with it.  We don’t really care about cars…we just want something that’s bigger, reliable, economical, and a good deal.  UGH.

2. Sold some odds and ends on Craigslist.  So far we’ve gotten rid of the double mattress from our guest room, some old books that I sold on Amazon, and the bassinet that Isaac is too big for now.

3.  Researched potential subleases in the Boulder area.  We might have found a good one – a big furnished house that would allow us and Greta to stay there for May, June, and part of July!

4.  Gave away our three lovely hens.  This was pretty sad to do, we already miss them!  But I dont think a cross country trip with stops in Boulder, Fargo, and Wilmington NC will be possible with a carload of chickens.  Maybe YOU might like to hear about it, but I don’t want to go through that.  No way.  So, bye bye chickens.  We weren’t sure how difficult they’d be to get rid of.  The main thing we were concerned about was the gigantic and very heavy coop which Jamie built two summers ago.  See us hard at work?  I think this is actually the extent of the work I did on the coop 🙂

building the coop

We build this coop from scratch and with no plans…we just made it up as we went.  This resulted in a behemoth of a coop…VERY heavy, and questionably sturdy.  Jamie was really nervous that it was going to fall apart into smithereens as soon as the new owners showed up and tried to haul it away.  So anyways, I placed an ad on Craigslist giving away the three hens and their coop to whoever could come haul it all away.  I could not believe the response I got – about 100 emails within an hour!!  Here’s the picture of the coop that I showed on Craigslist to make it look extra cute.  If you actually get up close to it you notice that the wood is starting to mildew & it is very rough and homemade looking. But oh well!


I picked the guy that said he had a flatbed trailer to haul everything away with.  He came to our house that very day, brought along two of his sons to help carry the coop out of the backyard, and tied everything down to the trailer.  Then we had to catch the chickens.  The 10 year old son wanted to help me catch them, so I told him to hold out some corn in his hand to lure them close, and then drop the corn and grab the chicken while it was busy eating.  He did pretty well up through the part where he was holding the corn in his hand, but as soon as the chickens started to approach him he just could NOT resist chasing after them.  He’d start by walking towards them & holding out the corn, which made the chickens turn around and walk the other way.  Then he’d speed up…and so would the chickens.  And then all of a sudden he was sprinting around the backyard chasing the chickens and whipping them into a frenzy.  We ended up cornering them one by one and catching them so it worked out fine in the end, but it was really hilarious.

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  1. March 16, 2010 1:27 pm

    We absolutely LOVE that picture of you two! Good luck with your summer adventure!

    Tyler & Tara

  2. Susan permalink
    March 17, 2010 3:37 am

    Awwww! Goodbye chickens!!

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