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Dirty Dirty Dog

March 11, 2010

Yesterday on our walk, Greta found something dead by the sea shore.  Unfortunately she was off leash and was able to dive head first into it before I could stop her.  It was all over her collar.  I touched it when I put her leash back on her.  It was SO GROSS that I almost threw up.  Like, really really close – I was definitely gagging.  I don’t even know what it was, it smelled worse than dead fish.  Maybe dead seal??

So when we got home we had to do an emergency dog bath.  Greta is on Prozac now – I don’t think I’ve mentioned that here yet.  It is very embarrassing to pick up her Rx at Walgreen’s.  They say to me “Hi Greta, do you have any insurance?”  And I say, “Nope.”   And then I leave with my bottle of Prozac.  Last time I finally said “Greta is a dog, she doesn’t have insurance.”  This turned out to be a great idea because then they changed the name on the Rx to “Greta The Dog Welle” instead of Great Welle.  So anyways, the Prozac seems to be helping her – she’s much less restless and shivery/terrified.

During the bath, she walked right into the bathtub with me, and calmly stood there the entire time! No mad dashes to escape!  I was shocked.  Washing her took a long time.  It really is more like washing a pony than a dog.  There is just so much square footage to cover, and she is so high up that a lot of effort is required to scoop buckets of water onto her back.

I think it’s been about a year since her last bath.  Which is truly disgusting.  I resolve to never go that long again, it is really not that hard to give her a bath.

OK now get ready for a shock.  LOOK AT THIS BATHWATER! GROSS!


Look at the bottom of the tub after I drained the bathwater!


Greta was truly exhilarated after her bath.  She kept rushing back into the bathroom to check out the scene of the washing.


Look at the tail held high!  Now THIS is a confident (clean) dog!


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  1. Beth Dunning permalink
    March 16, 2010 9:05 am

    Hi Sarah,

    I just had to comment on Greta being on Prozac. Our cat Wylie has also been on prozac for years. He’s a biter and nobody but Chuck and I like him, but we do what we can to make them feel better.
    I just love catching up with you guys. Isaac is just getting so big and I agree, he’s probably in the early stages of teething.
    I was sad to hear the chickens are gone, but can’t wait to hear about your Colorado adventure.


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