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Fake Crawling

January 13, 2010

Isaac had an impressive blow-out the other day – he successfully created a ring-o-poop around his whole waistline.  Well done my lad!  After that happened he needed a bath, and then after the bath we did some practice crawling exercises.  Isaac totally hates “tummy time” – he screams and quickly becomes hysterical if we lay him down on his tummy.  I’m not talking just crying – I am talking full blown hysteria where he can hardly remember to breathe, turns beet red, and takes at least 10 minutes to calm down.

But, we found out that if you support him a little bit and help him do some fake crawling he totally loves it.  He moves his little legs just like he’s crawling, and with Jamie lightly supporting his upper body he trucks along like a real crawler.  It is so cute.


Face plant when Jamie reduces the upper body support.  Is this the cutest picture ever, or what?


Getting back up and trying again:


Posing cutely for the camera!


Here are some more pictures from the four baby play date extravaganza the other day.  Isaac started off the photo shoot screaming, but the bright flashes dazed him into submission.  He likes to pretend he’s a celebrity being hounded by the paparazzi.




Olivia brought her favorite toy along; Isaac was very impressed with it.  Lots of colorful tubes that are easy for babies to grab!




Sick of it.  That didn’t take long!


Isaac enjoys floating above Jamie (and drooling loooong strings of drool onto him from afar).



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  1. January 15, 2010 8:02 am

    From the “Fake Crawling” experiment, it’s my bet Isaac will be an early walker, just like James David was.

    Try the “Johnny Jump Up” chair. James loved that thing. He would jump constantly! I’m not kidding. With those new learned skills, he successfully transferred them to his crib. Yup, when he woke up in the morning, he’d pull himself up, by grabbing onto the high railing, and begin his jumping routine all over again. He was perfectly content to jump for extended periods of time. If you wanted to lie in bed for awhile longer, that was just fine with James.

    His jumping exercises allowed him to take a bit of a short cut in life. James never really crawled much. He pretty much went from sitting to running at a very early age. So, I suggest the “Johnny Jump Up!” But beware and be ready for an early walker.

    Peace & Love

    PS – Maybe we should have called it the “Jumping James” Chair!

    • January 18, 2010 7:33 am

      OK dad, we finally tried the johnny jump up chair with Isaac. He’s still way too small, even with blankets etc propping him up. He spun around limply, he struggled to hold his head up, and his little legs were like noodles when they touched the ground. It was one of those pathetic but cute things. Looks like he needs another month or so until he can use it.

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