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Baby’s First Christmas!

January 6, 2010

We had a very fun and relaxing Christmas this year.  We started off the day with coffee, hot apple cider, and Grandma Erck’s caramel rolls which were delicious.  I had to call mom on Christmas Eve night when I realized I’d lost the recipe, but other than that the caramel rolls turned out very well.  I put them all together the night before, set them in the fridge, and then popped them in the oven to bake for 30 minutes when I woke up.  Jamie did the flipping:

Isaac's First Christmas 088

Hot apple cider with red & green mugs

 Isaac's First Christmas 072   

Once we had our coffee & hot apple cider, we started to open gifts…but then in the nick of time we remembered that we’d wanted to open Christmas gifts next to a roaring fire, so we took a break from the gifts to make a cozy fire.  We almost got carried away with the gifts and totally forgot about the fire!!

Isaac's First Christmas 076x

I held Isaac’s little hand to a strip of paper & Jamie pulled the package away so that he got to experience opening a gift (sort of).  He didn’t seem to notice or care, so we just opened the rest of his gifts for him.  More fun for us! 

Isaac's First Christmas 079

He was pretty content for the first 15 minutes of Christmas Morning, but then he got really fussy and started to cry.

Isaac's First Christmas 132

But don’t worry – that just meant that Isaac spend Christmas morning engaging in his very favorite activity – nursing – while Jamie opened most of my gifts for me.  We felt really thankful that we now have a way to keep him happy (most of the time) when he starts to fuss.  Nursing usually quiets him down from hysterics.  Not always, but most of the time. Whew!

We got lots of baby stuff, some gift certificates that we’re excited about (Quiznos for Jamie, JCrew and Amazon for me!), and some other little things.  Jamie got me a new Raw Foods cookbook which I’m really excited to try – Everyday Raw

New rug for the kitchen:

Isaac's First Christmas 083

Then we had some fun because Isaac was finally awake and ready to play!  Cute. 

Isaac's First Christmas 090

 Isaac's First Christmas 092

 Isaac's First Christmas 093

 Isaac's First Christmas 094

 Isaac's First Christmas 095

 Isaac's First Christmas 096

 Isaac's First Christmas 102

 Isaac's First Christmas 114

He likes to chew on Jamie’s finger now:

 Isaac's First Christmas 137

 Isaac's First Christmas 142

His new thing is that he’s figuring out how to use his arms and he’s discovered that he can reach up and touch my face.  It’s more like a baby-slap right now because he’s not very coordinated – he likes to lay in my lap and then spastically reach up and slap my face.  He looks so excited and proud when he makes contact, it is really cute.  I reward him by pretending to eat his hand, which totally shocks him.

Jenny and Brandon's Visit 129

Jenny and Brandon's Visit 127

We are also starting to notice that he’s getting developed enough that we can sometimes catch him at the very beginning of a cry and distract him with a funny noise or face.  His whole face will start to crumple up into a cry, but if you can get his attention and say something like “me me me me me me!” in a really high pitched voice he will quiet right down and stare at you.

Jenny and Brandon arrived around 11am on Christmas Day.  It was so nice to see them, we always have a lot of fun with them!  They got to meet their new nephew for the very first time.

Isaac's First Christmas 146

 Isaac's First Christmas 163

For dinner on Christmas Day we made Cheese Fondue and a raw kale salad, dressed with lemon, olive oil, and fresh garlic.  We made the Cheese Fondue from scratch, with fresh Gruyere & Emmental Swiss Cheese which I shredded super-fast using my food processor!  Once we had all the ingredients for the fondue ready to go, and it was time to dissolve the cheese little by little into the hot wine while constantly stirring in figure 8s, Isaac decided he was hungry.  So I delegated the cheese adding and stirring task to Brandon…and something went wrong!  I don’t know if the burner was too hot or if it was the fact that I ran out of flour and didn’t have the 2 Tbsp I was supposed to sprinkle over the cheese, but in the end we did not end up with a delicious pot of cheese fondue.  Instead we had a giant hard cheese curd floating in a lake of whey & wine.  Not what we were going for at all.  We dumped out some of the liquid and forcibly dipped our bread into the cheese curd.  The cheese was much more dense & squeaky than usual, and you really had to dip your bread in HARD and then sort of force it back out with some cheese on it.   It still tasted good though!

We were all pretty tired after dinner so we just watched an episode or two of Jersey Shore together and then went to bed.

The next day we went on a walk and had pizza for dinner.  Very exciting.  On their last day in Seattle we rode the ferry to Bainbridge Island, which was Isaac’s first trip outside of Seattle!  He did well on the ferry…he thinks anything where nursing is available is fun.

Hanging out on Bainbridge Island:

Jenny and Brandon's Visit 028

Jenny and Brandon's Visit 040

Jenny and Brandon's Visit 027


The last night Jenny & Brandon were here we had out big dinner. Roast Leg of Lamb, artichokes, peas, potatoes au gratin, and figgy pudding for dessert!

    Jenny and Brandon's Visit 051

And here is the figgy pudding!

 Jenny and Brandon's Visit 060

…topped with the Brown Sugar Hard Sauce (which I dont think turned out correctly because it was grainy).  Better luck next year!

 Jenny and Brandon's Visit 070

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  1. GrandPapa DEE permalink
    January 7, 2010 4:44 am

    Isaac’s eyes are so wide and bright. I believe Dr. Welle’s observation is absolutely correct; Isaac is extremely aware. And so cute, too! Is it possible Isaac is getting teeth already, and that’s why his new pastime of biting is so appealing?

    Grandma Erck’s caramel rolls look soooo good, it’s like I can almost smell them in the picture.

    The pictures of Bainbridge Island are marvelous, simply marvelous.

    I just love your kitchen table too. It is exactly the same table and chairs I had as a kid, growing up in Negaunee, Michigan. That set has to be from the 1950’s! If you ever move and want to get rid of them, I’ll buy the whole set. I love the pictures of the bright yellow table, matching brightly colored plates and bowls. The bird picture frame even matches, especially with your turquoise top and world map. Très chic mon ami!

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