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Grandma & Grandpa Welle

December 8, 2009

The weekend before Thanksgiving we got a visit from Grandma & Grandpa Welle!  They flew in from Fargo on Friday to spend the weekend with us.  When they arrived we heard them knock on our front door, we let them in, and they rushed into our living room and made a beeline for baby Isaac who was hanging out on the couch. Jamie and I got our hugs and greetings after they’d gotten a chance to check out their new grandbaby.  It was so fun how excited they were to meet him.

Here are the new grandparents & grandbaby checking each other out.  Isaac was very alert and interested in them. 

 Isaac and Welle Grandparents 124

Isaac just stared right back at Mary while she held him & talked to him. 

Isaac and Welle Grandparents 131

Isaac got a little fussy after a few minutes, so Dr. Welle demonstrated a magical baby holding method that shut him right up.  He looked like he was enjoying flying through the air.

 Isaac and Welle Grandparents 143

We eventually headed to the kitchen to eat some dinner, but Isaac was still feeling fussy so Dr. Welle volunteered to hang out with him & try to calm him down.  As you can see, his efforts were successful after a few minutes!

 Isaac and Welle Grandparents 147

Mary & baby check each other out some more.  Looks like they are both having fun!

 Isaac and Welle Grandparents 152

On Saturday afternoon we decided to take Isaac out & about on a shopping trip.  He did not enjoy the preparations for the outing.  Notice his orange hat, crocheted by his dear loving mother?  It is already practically too small!  It was too big back at week 2, and here at week 7 it is already too small.  He grew so fast he skipped his window of opportunity to wear this cute hat – it was practically popping off the top of his little (big) head.

Isaac and Welle Grandparents 067

Grandma & Grandpa Welle wanted to buy him a mobile, since he didnt have one yet.  We found a good one at a local toy store – it is designed especially for young babies.  I thought it wasn’t that cute – black & white lines, basic colors and shapes, stuff like that.  Dr. Welle said that’s because it is created for babies, not for adults – they’re the ones who are supposed to like looking at it.  We brought it home and tested it out on Isaac’s changing table.  He LOVED it.  I was totally shocked by how mesmerized he was by it.  Isaac was smiling nonstop and practically giggling with joy at those interesting lines and shapes.  So cute.

Doesn’t he look kind of surprised and puzzled in this one?

 Isaac and Welle Grandparents 180

He was enthralled by the mobile for a good 15 minutes.  Amazing!

Isaac and Welle Grandparents 189

On Saturday night the Welles offered to take care of Isaac for the evening while Jamie and I went out to dinner.  It was so fun to get out of the house with Jamie while knowing that Grandma & Grandpa were having fun with their new grandbaby at the same time.  Dinner was great, but were also feeling soooo tired that we actually looked forward to heading home so we could go to bed!  Ha.

On Sunday morning we took a stroll through Lincoln Park with the entire family, including Greta.  Can you see Isaac’s nose in this picture?

 Isaac and Welle Grandparents 084

Here’s a close- up of where he was during the walk.  So cozy! He loves to run errands and go walking around the neighborhood in the Baby Bjorn – we think he likes all the activity and things to look at.  He usually stays awake & alert for about 15 minutes, then gets lulled to sleep. 

 Isaac and Welle Grandparents 093

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