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Faces of Baby

October 23, 2009

Our plan of giving Isaac a bottle after each feeding has been working pretty well – he has been sleeping more than an hour at a time and seems much happier.  He hasn’t slept for another nice long stretch – 3 hours between feedings seems like his usual timeline.  The actual feedings take an hour, and then it takes between 0 and 30 minutes for him to fall back asleep, so that’s about 1.5 to 2 hours of available nap time for us.  I’ve also noticed that he’s much more awake and alert during the daytime – in the afternoon he usually skips a few naps in favor of staring around at everything with wide open eyes.

Jamie helps out with the bottle portion of the meal, which is a nice break for me!  Barbie loves this new baby in her house because it causes people to sit still for long periods of times…she’s never far away from the action and enjoys following us from room to room.  She’s not very interested in the baby or his milk (although Jamie keeps joking that she thinks that she’s actually waiting in line to receive her portion of the milk), but seems mostly interested in being in the same room as us all.

jamie feeding baby

Oh, our anniversary was fun.  We got pizza, beer, and watched Mad Men.  Isaac was nice enough to take a nap at the perfect time so we didn’t even have to focus our efforts on placating him.  I found the perfect beer to celebrate with. Check it out – Lazy Boy Ale!


Isaac’s moods change very quickly.  I think he doesn’t know what he wants when he’s awake and shifts through every possible emotion without a pause between them.  I took these pictures all within the space of about one minute. 

Sleepy & calm:


Pursed Lips. This is what he does when he’s full:




Segues quickly to crying:


Later in the afternoon he was very alert and spent about an hour looking all around the room, at me, and out the windows:


He’s almost smiling in this one.  A nice change from his usual grimace!


Speaking of grimacing, I gave him a bath all by myself the other day!  It went pretty well, he didn’t really let loose with the crying until I washed his hair.  I think it’s so funny how he holds his hands out of the water.  He loves to have that wash cloth over his tummy – it keeps him warm.  If you remove the wash cloth, he cries.  Put it back on, he stops.




Here I tried to snap a picture while drying him off as quickly as possible to halt his hysterical cries!  Not happy!


The end!

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  1. Johanna permalink
    October 24, 2009 7:44 am

    Glad to hear Isaac is figuring out day and night and eating more! Those pics of his facial expressions are hilarious.

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