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Pet Photo Shoot

October 4, 2009

Barbie was sleeping in a patch of sunlight on my bed this afternoon, so I had to get out the new camera and test my photography skills on her.  I like how her pink ears are glowing in this one:

Picture 005

Check out those walrus whiskers!

 Picture 012

More impressive long tickly whiskers.  These are very annoying when she’s trying to take a nap THIS close to your face:

 Picture 013

Here is where she realizes she is part of a photo shoot and isn’t sure she wants to continue to be a participant. 

 Picture 015

Barbie turns her back on the earnest photographer, so I captured her soft lamb-like fur in this last shot. 

 Picture 018

This is the kale plant I’m growing on my bedroom window sill.  I rescued it from the garden right after the chicken attack.  I was trying to mess with the depth of field & focus just on the leaf that’s extending towards the camera.  I think this one looks better in the high res picture.

 Picture 021

Next I tried a fast shutter speed to catch some chickens in action.  This is Betsy preparing to squawk.  See how she’s opening her beak a little bit?  She’s just getting started.

 Picture 026

This is Dora, fluffing all the dust out of her feathers.  She looks so cute & fat in this picture!

 Picture 048

Oh and finally, these are my zinnias.  They’re all brown and dead except for this one tiny orange flower.  Even the stem it’s growing on is dead & brown, but somehow the flower is still there!

 Picture 064

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