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Birth Class Graduation

September 22, 2009

Yesterday evening we graduated from our Labor and Delivery class at Swedish!  The very last class was one of the best classes of the entire 8 week series – it was on breastfeeding.  The class started off by talking about how breastfeeding is a skill that mothers learn, but that it isn’t really taught in our society anymore and so most people don’t grow up with exposure to & and understanding of how to breastfeed.  The teacher also talked about how there’s so much misinformation out there – like that breastfeeding hurts but you have to tough it out, the traditional way you see mothers holding babies in pictures & movies is actually a position that makes it really difficult to breastfeed, etc.  And did you know that when a baby is born its stomach is only the size of a marble? The first milk a mother makes is called colostrom, which I knew, but I didn’t know that there was such a small amount of it – and that it works out perfectly because the baby isn’t really hungry at first but just needs the tiny amount of colostrom for his marble sized stomach in order to help with immunity, etc.

There was a lot of hilarious class discussion too.  When we talked about engorgement, a woman in the class raised her hand and told a story about how a friend of hers had been so excited to sleep on her stomach (finally!) after having her baby, and one night the baby even slept for a couple of hours straight which was totally wonderful, but then when she woke up her breasts were engorged and smooshed into flat squares because of how she’d been laying.  The entire class was dying laughing about square boobs, the teacher was trying to say she’d never heard of anyone coming down with square boobs, etc.  Ah, the humor of birthing class.

Another woman raised her hand and told about how an old lady from her church has been asking her if she’s “roughing up her nipples.”  She thought this sounded very disturbing and wasn’t sure what the advice meant, so she asked our teacher.  Apparently this used to be a common piece of advice for new mothers – they were instructed to go so far as to use a toothbrush or a loofah to toughen up their nipples!  UGH!  This made the entire class cringe and giggle hysterically because we were all so icked out by picturing this.

Oh and then the teacher was walking through a scenario where she said “So what if you were in a restaurant or store tomorrow and you heard a very young baby crying – what would you want to do?”  I was like – oh I know the answer to this one! – and so I piped right up really loudly “GET AWAY FROM IT!”   At the same time I said this, a few other women said “Go to the baby and make it feel better so it stops crying.”  And then the whole class looked at me and roared with laughter, and I said Ooops! I think I’m missing that part!  And then the teacher jumped in and said “Oh Sarah, you do have it, but the reason you want to get away from that crying is that human can’t stand to hear that, but it is not socially acceptable to go up and try to comfort someone else’s baby.”  And I said Yesssss, that sounds right…  I think I really freaked Jamie out though. Ha!

I had my weekly Doctor’s appointment yesterday.  I have not gained anymore weight since last week (which is normal), so I’m still at about 32-33 lbs weight gain and I’m at week 38.  My cervix is still 1.5 cm dilated and is now 90% effaced.  My doctor said she bets he’ll be born next week, so a little early. YAY!!!

Now for some pictures.  I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before but Jamie spoils all our animals.  They are all tyrants – very demanding & picky creatures – and I think it is at least partly because he babies them so much.  Here is an example.  You know the classic dish “Macaroni and Cheese with Hot Dogs” that you traditionally feed to little kids?  Jamie made an updated version for Greta!


There was an antique car show in our neighborhood that we happened upon on Sunday.  We saw this antique fire truck with its HUGE ladder fully extended.  We couldn’t even get the whole thing in the picture!  Jamie asked if I would climb to the top of the ladder for $100 and I said absolutely yes.  He said there is no way he would do it, and also he didn’t believe me that I’d be able to follow through once I got part way up.  I totally think I could though, I’m not afraid of heights at all!  Would you?



And finally – look how cute Jamie is practicing with his new camera at the Fair this weekend.  We may have looked like crazy people because as he was taking pictures of things, I was taking pictures of him.


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