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The Fair

September 21, 2009

This weekend Jamie and I went to the fair at Puyallup. I knew it wouldn’t measure up to the Minnesota State Fair, but we were just excited to see some cute farm animals and Jamie was raring to test out the new camera.

It was rainy, grey, and drizzly at our house but after the 40 minute drive south to Puyallup we ended up in the sun.  The new camera did a great job at capturing the carnival rides.  We still aren’t sure how to use all the settings, I think most of these were just taken with the automatic setting. 

Picture 006

Picture 082

Picture 071

This ride was horrible looking – these poor people were swung around upside down over & over.  I bet there was a ton of money underneath this ride – too bad the base had been barricaded so that I couldn’t make my fortune.

Picture 056

This is the only ride that pregnant people were allowed to go on, but we exhausted ourselves by looking at the animals and never ended up taking the gondola ride over the fairgrounds.

Picture 234

Now, on to the animals – the best part of any fair!  Of course we had to look at the goats.  This goat liked corn chips:

Picture 097

This goat was very soft & curious:

Picture 118

This goat was SO CUTE we stared at her for 20 minutes.  Her name is Brownie, she is 3 months old, and she is a Nubian goat.  After ogling Brownie for 20 minutes we talked for the rest of the day about how we’re going to have Nubian goats at our next farmette.  Look at those ears!

Picture 127

Next were the Alpacas & Lllamas.  I can’t tell them apart…but check out these faces.  And haircuts!

Picture 183

Picture 175

The highlight of the fair, for me, was getting to pet this baby pig.  I don’t think I’ve ever actually gotten to touch a two day old pig before.  I almost died of the cuteness of it all.  His little snout didn’t even feel real – it was like a little piece of warm rubber.

Picture 293

Next we moved on to the FFA swine competition.  These are young farmers showing off their pigs.  They were dressed up in nice slacks & button down shirts & had canes to knock against the sides of their pigs to make the walk in the right direction.  Watching these kids running around after the pigs, knocking them constantly with canes, and trying to keep them apart was so entertaining.  The judge with the microphone made an announcement “Kids, listen up – if your pigs start to fight don’t try to separate them with the canes.  Leave them be and an adult will come separate them with a board.”  Unfortunately we didn’t get to witness any pig fights.

Picture 256


Picture 277

Picture 249

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