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Surprise Gift for Baby Shower BBQ!

September 11, 2009

Last night Jamie and I were sitting on the couch together – he was watching football and I was diligently working on the squares for the monkey blanket I’m making.  Three more down, lots to go.



It was around 830pm and I had just finished eating a ton of pistachio Haagen Dazs and was feeling sick when I got a call from one of my best friends Emily.  She was wondering if I wanted to meet up with her and Kristan (another best friend) to have some fried ice cream at a mexican place near my house.  I really did not want any more ice cream since I’d just gotten done gorging myself in the comfort of my own home.  And I am usually in bed by 10pm or so, so it was a bit late for me to be getting all ready and leaving the house.  BUT I really wanted to see Emily and Kristan because so much has been going on lately and we needed to catch up.  Emily just got back from a week long road trip down the California coast that I was dying to hear about, and Kristan just completed a grueling series of post doc interviews in San Francisco and San Diego that I was dying to hear about.  So I said, OK fine – see you at 9. 

I showed up at the restaurant and Emily & Kristan were on time, which was pretty shocking.  I should have known something was up at that point!  We sat at a table and were chatting along, when Emily said “Weird, look – that girl at the bar looks sort of looks like Alison (the other best friend from college, who currently lives in NYC).”  At first I saw this big lady with crazy frizzy blond hair and I was thinking, what are you talking about – that looks nothing like Alison!  But then I saw this girl lurking in the shadows near the bar – she looked towards us and then turned away quickly so I just got a glimpse, but I said “Weird! That does look just like Alison!”  And then I went on chatting.

Emily and Kristan seemed preoccupied by this Alison look-a-like, so I looked back again and the doppelganger was still kind of looking towards our table so I saw her face again.  And again I said “that is really bizarre, she looks a lot like Alison!”  And Emily and Kristan enthusiastically agreed “Yeah, that is so strange!”   But then the girl started walking towards our table as we all looked at her…and I realized it WAS Alison! OMG!!!!  I freaked out, of course.  I couldn’t believe it was actually Alison, sitting there in the bar in Seattle!

Kristan and Emily were very pleased with themselves for this whole elaborate trick.  It was a very impressive scheme, I wasn’t expecting anything at all.  I’d talked to Alison and knew she was super busy with work and previously booked travel for weddings, etc, so I didn’t think there was even a remote chance she’d be showing up in Seattle this weekend.  Then I thought back to how Emily and Kristan were acting kind of fishy but I didn’t notice at all.  Kristan set me up over three weeks ago by telling me that she’d been travelling and out of town for her work interviews so much that she was going to take Friday off of work “to get caught up”, which is totally unlike her.  That girl never stops working!  And when Emily wanted to go out for ice cream at 9pm I should have been very suspicious – Emily and Kristan don’t have sweet teeth and would never actually want to go out for ice cream!

So anyway. Alison is here, the baby shower is tomorrow, and I am so excited!!!! 🙂

The gang, circa 1999, on our South Dakota Road Trip:

Kristan, Alison, Sarah, Emily.

SoDak Gang

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