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Project Day

September 10, 2009

The main nursery projects were sewing and painting things.  I woke up at 7am or so on Sunday morning, only to find my dear mother already hard at work on the sewing projects!  She’d taken the cowboy fabric and created a slipcover for the pad on the changing table.  Cute!


We’d purchased a cheap on-sale pillow for $5 at Marshall’s the day before during our awful shopping trip, so next we made a slipcover for that pillow.  Mom whipped this up while I sipped my coffee and chatted with her.  So fun.


Next we needed to sew valances for the windows.  I was so glad mom was there to help.  I could have figured this out eventually, but I would have taken 5x as long and would have agonized over whether I was doing things right.   For these, Mom ironed the seam allowances down neatly and I did all the actual sewing. Barbie was, as usual, lurking around just waiting for an opportunity to lay down on some warm, freshly ironed fabric.  We turned our backs for a split second and found this:

Barbie on Fabric

  We made the area for the curtain rods a bit of a tight fit so had to do some cramming to get them through, but in the end it all worked.  Look!


Next was the painting.  We had some leftover blue paint from our living room that matched the cowboy fabric perfectly, so we used that for all our painting.  First Mom painted the little wooden end table (you know, the one we found for free on the side of the road) a nice cool blue.  I showed it to you yesterday, but here it is again:

end table

The changing tables was already blue, but it didn’t match exactly…it was more of a periwinkle.  I was OK to leave it like that because matchy matchy doesn’t matter too much to me.  But my mom couldn’t bear to leave it sitting there unmatching when we had all this perfect blue paint just begging to be used.  So she painted the changing table, too!  That one looked like a lot of work – all those little spindles!  You can see the final product in the very first picture of this post.

The last project was to hang a cute embroidered quilt, made by Jamie’s grandma for him when he was baby, on the wall behind the crib.  We got a wooden dowel from Home Depot, which we painted blue (of course!).  Then we whip-stitched the top edge of the quilt over the dowel, and hung it on the wall.  Voila!


Our last dinner together on Sunday night was delicious.  We’d originally planned to grill steak, but had forgotten that we only had one giant steak which didn’t look like enough for three people.  It all turned out OK, though, because we got creative and ended up with an actual dinner upgrade.  Steak, supplemented with shrimp = Surf & Turf!   We grilled the steak with just salt, pepper, and garlic powder as the seasoning.  I sautéed the shrimp in butter with fresh garlic & ground black pepper.  We ate our Surf & Turf accompanied by spinach ravioli topped with a ton of fresh chopped garden tomatoes.  And we had a salad.  And then we shared a piece of chocolate cheesecake for dessert. It was so good – I think the best meal of mom’s visit!


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