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Putting Together the Nursery: Part One

September 8, 2009

It was so much to have my mom here this weekend.  I forgot what a hard little worker project lady she is.  She and Jamie are really two of a kind – they were an unstoppable force this weekend.  I helped out but then got tired after watching them for an hour or two.  I was in charge of food, though, which I love to do, so I wasn’t a total slob.

Mom arrived on Friday.  She got a tour of my house (has never been here in the summer, so finally got to see chickens roaming, garden growing, the whole shebang).  I put on a nice bird show in the backyard.  I fed the chickens some tasty meat scraps and got them all riled up for her.  Look at Betsy jump!!

chicken in air

She got so excited trying to grab the meat out of my hand that she BIT me!  It was very shocking.

chicken bite

Then we all went to the Dr’s office for my final ultrasound.  They’d wanted to do one last ultrasound “just to make sure everything is OK…but we don’t expect any problems” because of all the surgeries I had earlier in the pregnancy.  I was excited for the ultrasound because the baby is so big now, I thought we’d be able to see a lot.  But it turns out that at this stage he’s so big that he’s all crunched up in there and you can hard tell what is what.  The most exciting news was that they could actually look at his head and see if he has hair or not…and then measure his hair!! Hilarious!  He has a bunch of fine little 7 mm hairs floating off the back of his head right now; that sounds like peachfuzz to me.  I don’t think it’ll have time to grow into a big bushy mane in the next few weeks.  But who knows?

Mom was really tired the first night due to the 3 hour time difference and the fact that she was so busy the night before she left, so we basically came home, ate dinner, and went to bed.  The next morning the real work began!  First we made a big list of all the things we wanted to get done.  Barbie was, as usual, very interested in everything happening.


We started by moving furniture around the room to figure out how we wanted to set it all up.  The big thing our nursery was missing was a rocking chair or glider, so as soon as we made sure we had enough room, Jamie and I jetted off to Costco to buy a big fluffy rocker/recliner that I’d had my eye on.  We had to rent a pickup truck from Uhaul to get the chair home, so that took awhile.  Then we came home and set up the new chair – I love it! So comfy!


Mom & I went to Target to get a bunch of little things we needed to complete our To Do list.  It was exhausting.  We both entered into a Target wandering daze very quickly.  Everything we looked at seemed so cheap and junky looking, but expensive.  We were looking for a little end table, and found some OK looking ones that were $60 each.  This drove me nuts because just a few months ago Jamie and I found an exact replica of these end tables (but made of real wood rather than particle board) on the side of the road in our neighborhood for FREE!  Yes, we make a habit of picking up free furniture off the side of the road.  It’s the best.  See?

end table

All the baby items at Target were so…needlessly gadgety and annoying looking.  We were looking at baby bathtubs, and the one tub that Target had was so full of paraphernalia (not even sure what it all was, but I do know it was all made of brightly colored plastic) that we couldn’t even see the actual tub.  It was like a big blue bucket full of crap.   We walked past the pet area next and I spotted a kitty litter bucket that would actually make a better baby bathtub!  Don’t worry, I didn’t actually buy it.  But I wanted to, just so I could tell my friends that I was planning to bathe my baby in a cat litter box.  Ah, that would make me so happy!  They would be horrified!

We rapidly turned giddy, laughed hysterically at everything, accidentally bumped into lots of random people, and finally checked out and left.  Mom was cracking me up because she kept saying that she no longer wished there was a Target close to her house because it doesn’t have anything you need.  She just couldn’t get over how disappointing it was.

Next we sorted, washed, and folded all the zillions of baby clothes we already have.  We are not going to have to do laundry for the first year of this baby’s life – we have so many cute clothes it is overwhelming!  We just have stuff for the first 3-6 months in the closet right now.  The rest is packed in boxes.


Now the organizing was done and the true projects began.  I’ll tell you about that tomorrow!

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  1. Lucia permalink
    September 9, 2009 7:31 am

    If you would have registered for all that useless expensive stuff you would have never had to have gone into a target :p Sometimes being practical can pay off.

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