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Cleaned out the Fridge

September 3, 2009

My mom arrives tomorrow! She’s visiting over Labor Day weekend – we will set up the Nursery together!  I cleaned out the fridge today in preparation for her arrival.  Not really a thorough cleaning job, but more of a Sarah-special type of cleaning job.  I basically cleared out the too-old things.  That’s it.

First I found the peach rhubarb pie that I made last week.  I liked it, but couldn’t eat more so just left it sitting in there.  Jamie must not have liked it very much or he would have finished it off.  Oh well.  Guess who REALLY enjoyed it?

The Chickens!  First they gobbled off the top crust.  That was their favorite part.  I think they appreciated the cute heart design.

chickens eating pie

Then Dora and Agnes pecked at the fruit a bit.

working on pie

Next I found a partially used 5 lb bag of organic carrots from Costco.  There were about 2 pounds of old carrots left.  So I made them into juice and drank it all immediately.  That was a lot of juice.  This picture is only about 1/2 of what I made.

Look who’s peeking in the background!


And then I was done cleaning the fridge.

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