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Barbie explores the Patio

August 21, 2009

Nothing big happening here.  Greta is constantly shaking her head – her ears are bothering her – so we’re taking her to the vet this morning.  Dogs are so expensive!  My cats never need to go to the vet, but it seems like we’re there with Greta every two months or so!

Here’s what my backyard flowers, corn, and chicken coop are looking like lately.  The corn is getting so big – I need to figure out how to tell when it is ready to pick.


Cucumbers are finally growing. I hope they have time to get big before it gets too cold.  Look at the background, you can see the trenches Greta has dug for herself!  They are quite impressive – 4 feet deep, but only about a foot across.  They’re the perfect size for her to fit her chest in and keep digging down & down.  Once she started doing this (in the middle of the night one night, we found the trench in the morning) we haven’t tried that hard to stop her because we’re sort of grateful for any way she can get rid of her amazing amounts of energy.  She’ll dig like a madwoman and then come back inside totally heaving with the effort. We’re going to fill these in before our backyard BBQ baby shower in September, though.  Then the training will begin. We’re going to bury hot pepper flakes in the trenches to help discourage future digging – that’s what they recommended in our dog training class.  Wish us luck.


Barbie likes to follow me into the backyard.  As she makes her entrance onto the back patio, she pauses and announces her presence with lots of grizzly meows.  Then she keeps up a constant stream of grumblings as she walks across the patio towards me.  It cracks me up, I wonder what she is trying to say?  I like this picture, you can see her little mouth is open and meowing:


She came over to me and then realized the chickens were RIGHT there.  Here’s how she looks at them.  She thinks they are very suspicious characters:


Here’s how the chickens look back at her.  Like – who do you think you are?  This is my patio!


Oh yeah. Remember that quilt I wanted to make?  I worked on it a little bit last weekend.  Cutting out these squares is so much work!  And slightly stressful, because you have to cut them so perfectly, otherwise your whole quilt seems like it’ll end up wonky. 


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