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Deluxe Camping & Crochet Mania

August 17, 2009

Jamie went camping with some friends this weekend in celebration of a birthday.  I decided not to go for the full camping experience because I feel very slow, achy, and elderly lately.  Being 8 months pregnant makes me exhausted & uncomfortable, and while in this state I have a very low interest in hiking and sleeping on the ground.  They were only an hour east of Seattle, though, so on Saturday evening I drove out to join them for dinner.

It was a deluxe camp-fire dinner situation.  Every time I go camping it seems like we eat hotdogs (which I don’t like).  Or ramen noodles, which isn’t very camp-ish.  And of course smores, but that’s not technically dinner, right? This campfire dinner was a totally new & impressive experience.

First we grilled ribs over the campfire.  Potatoes and corn on the cob were wrapped in foil and cooked in the coals.


Austin the Corgi was very interested in our dinner.  His owners told stories of how he loves corn and will nibble it off the cob delicately, like a person.  This sounded too cute to be true, so I got a demonstration.  Awwwwwwww!

Austin eats corn

Here he’s really getting serious about nibbling those kernels off the cob:

Austin Corn closeup

The final course was blueberry cobbler, cooked in a dutch oven!  Who ever heard of making a blueberry cobbler over a campfire? Not me!  We buried it in the hot coals, and then piled some more on top.  Then we rotated it every 15 minutes so it could cook evenly.


While Jamie was gone on Friday night and Saturday, I went totally nuts with the crocheting.  I don’t know why I suddenly think this is the most fun thing I can possibly think of to do. But I do.  I started a new project and am more than 1/2 way done with it.  It’s called The Sock Monkey blanket, also from my Happy Hooker Crochet book.  It’s made up of a bunch of granny squares, which I haven’t done before:

sock monkey squares

I am slowly getting more advanced with my crochet skills.  I actually managed to make a little monkey face yesterday! And it looks like a monkey, not…a blob, or something!  I’ll make a few more – some get sewed onto the blanket, and one gets sewed on to the matching hat.

monkey face

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