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Paint Day

August 10, 2009

Yesterday was nursery painting day!  Torchlight, a nice light orange, was slated to replace a weird/icky shade of yellow that made your eyes go sort of buggy.  When we bought the can of paint from Home Depot, the guy that mixed it for us looked at me and said “you’re not painting, right?”  And I said “I’m not supposed to, right?”  And he said “NO!”  I wasn’t planning to help, but it was still fun to get double confirmation.  Random strangers are also starting to be nice to me – the main thing I can notice is that when I want to cross the street, cars slam on their breaks for me like a mile away.  It’s great.

First, get the room all taped up and ready to go.  We had a hard time getting the tape to stick to the walls/ceilings. Grrrr….

Picture 072

Then the trim was painted.  This took the longest by far.  The old yellow color looked almost greenish against the new warm orange.

Picture 073

Then the whole room was done!  I love it!  I’m a little worried it’s too bright (?) but hopefully we can temper that with wood furniture & shades-of-blue accessories.  Also we hope to prevent a Denver Broncos look by adding colors other than ONLY blue & orange.


I didn’t make it very far on the curtains.  So far I’ve washed & dried the fabric in preparation for sewing.  After I got it out of the dryer I realized that I need an ironing board in order to proceed with the sewing.  So that’s about as far as I made it.  I need to go buy an ironing board.  I did work on other secret projects, though.  I can’t tell about it yet because it is a gift for a friend’s upcoming graduation from her PhD.  It is soooooo cute and I can’t wait to give it to her, so there is no way I am risking exposure on this website.  Even though I don’t think she knows about this blog yet, I can’t take the chance. No way.

I made a run to the fabric store to get a few things I needed to finish her gift, and while I was there I  picked up some fabric & supplies to make a quilt.  I’m really going to do it! Or at least try.  I got the self-healing cutting mat, rotary cutter, and fabric ruler.  My plan is to make a simple crib sized quilt of squares – nothing exotic.  Kind of like this one. But first I need that ironing board…

Remember how I said I wanted to do more to decorate the bedroom?  I found three frames I picked up for 25 cents at a garage sale earlier this summer, plus some pictures I’d had printed last year from our bicycle trip.  I went to PaperZone to get some colored paper to use as the matting around the pictures (total cost – $1.07!) and voila!

From top to bottom, the pictures are of a cashew fruit in Thailand, a fishing boat in Thailand, and laundry drying in the mountains of Laos.  (click links to view the actual photos on our flickr site!) Seems like most of our prettiest pictures came from SE Asia.

Picture 074

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