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Cleaning House, getting Nursery Ready

August 9, 2009

Yesterday was so exciting – we started the big project of cleaning out Jamie’s office and moving everything upstairs into his new attic office, so that we can get started on putting the nursery together!  Wow it was a lot of work.

The first step was the bedroom.  We bought a bedroom set almost two years ago that we haven’t yet had together in one room due to space constraints.  The most recent space constraint was a gigantic Great Dane crate which we’ve had set up in our bedroom since we got Greta as a puppy last May.  It took up nearly half the room, prevented us from using 3 of our 6 dresser drawers, and prevented us from fitting our matching bedside tables next to the bed.

We’ve been gradually experimenting with leaving Greta free to roam the house (rather than locked in her crate) when we run errands, go to sleep at night, etc, and she has passed with flying colors.  So, we told her that she’s no longer a puppy and has graduated from mandatory crate use…it’s only for special occasions now, so we moved it upstairs to the new attic office space.  Check out what a difference it made!  The bedroom feels like a brand new room now!

Here’s the old set-up, with a baby version of Greta inside her crate.  See how it blocks our dresser? See how I had a tiny mini bedside table for my nightly reading, water glass, and alarm clock?  Can you imagine how, during the day when the crate door is ajar, you might run into it & hurt yourself all the time (when putting away laundry, for example)?


Here’s a picture right after we moved it.  By the way, it’s so big we had to disassemble & carry it out piece by piece.  There was a lot of dirt, hair and dust hidden underneath and around it.  I swept it up into a little pile for you to observe.  See?


Since we were on a bedroom roll, we moved the mattresses out into the hall so we could sweep & mop under the bed, which we haven’t done since we moved into this place last May.  We knew it was going to be gross because sometimes the cats go under there and emerge completely covered in dust bunnies.  Jamie likes to say that when Barbie goes under there she is sweeping the floor for us, with her belly.  Because of her poor little short legs.  I get mad at him and tell him Barbie is NOT sweeping the floor, her poor munchkin cat tummy is not that fat!


If you look closely, you will realize that a lot of the junk under the bed are long lost toys of Greta’s.  Tennis balls, rawhides, empty peanut butter jars…  This (below) picture really cracks me up, you can get an idea of her level of interest in our cleaning project from this one.  It was very HIGH.  Jamie joked that she doesn’t understand “cleaning” and instead thought her pack was rooting around and foraging for good treats for her.  She was constantly underfoot, wanting to see what was going on. We proved her right by uncovering these treasures of hers!  So funny.

Greta Looking at Bed

I swept, and then Jamie mopped.  He is such a good cleaner, I love him!  He does a very good job, and once he gets started he will NOT stop until it’s done.  I love it.  See, here he is mopping the dirty walls!  I was in charge of cleaning the window sills and various trimming that were high enough so I didn’t have to bend over and squish my baby.


Then Jamie had to unload his office stuff from our bedside tables.  He’d been using them for storage in his office.  Looks like something exploded in here.  Oh, he also found my passport while sorting through the contents of the bedside tables.  We’d thought it was missing, but it was hidden inside a set of papers.


Here’s the final vision of the bedroom.  Aaaaaah!  It really did feel like a new room.  I can’t get used to being able to walk into the room without hurting myself by running into the crate door.  We got two new lamps at Target for our new bedside tables.  I feel an urge to decorate the room a little more nicely, it is really plain right now.  My cousin Johanna says I have entered the “nesting” phase of pregnancy…I think she’s right.


But we were not done for the day…bedroom was only the first step.  Next we needed to move everything out of the office, into the upstairs office, and clean the room in preparation for painting.  The office was truly the dirtiest room in our entire house.  Worse than the garage, in terms of pure filth. Impressive, no?  We think it is all Greta’s fault – she spends the majority of her day spreading her dirty dogness around in the office. 

Check out the window sills. This is where she rests her face to look out into the backyard:


Check out the radiator.  This is also Greta’s work, courtesy of drinking water out of her bowl exactly like a drooling moose.


This is the dust/dirt/hair that was all over the floor once the furniture was gone.  It had really piled up behind the computer, wires, etc.  GROSS.


Much sweeping, wall cleaning, and various other cleanings ensued.  I was really tired and took a nap at this point.  Jamie continued to clean like a maniac – thanks sweetie!  When I woke up, here’s what I saw.  What a transformation!


To end the day, we went to Home Depot to pick up our nursery paint.  It’s a light orange called Torchlight.  I can’t wait to see how it looks on the walls – I hope it’s not too bright.  The plan is for the nursery colors to be orange walls, complemented by all sort of shades of blue in the actual room.  We have a blue painted changing table, a navy bassinet, etc.  I’m not allowed to paint, so that will have to be Jamie’s job too.  While he’s painting I plan to get started on some curtains for the nursery.  I ordered some super cute blue cowboy fabric from Etsy.  All the cowboys have names, like “Hal” and “Cookie” and “Gus’”.  I love it!


I have a list of a zillion projects I want to get started on after the curtains.  I think the next highest thing on my list is a quilt…I’ve never made one before.  I like the plain patchwork quilts, just a bunch of little squares (but not TOO little!).  I could incorporate some of this cowboy fabric into the quilt – wouldn’t that be cute?  Like Johanna said – nesting.  I think this must be it!

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  1. Lucia permalink
    August 9, 2009 6:26 pm

    I am not sure how I feel about Greta being blamed for all that filth! Nonetheless, the bedroom looks great and I am really excited about the nursery and those super cute cowboy curtains… so retro 🙂

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