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Farmette Harvest in August

August 8, 2009

Wow, it’s August already!  It’s been a really hot summer here in Seattle and my garden was going crazy throughout all of July.  I had to be a watering maniac in order to keep everything alive.  The payoff is coming now, though. 

My corn has to be at least 11 ft tall.  This is my first year growing it and I can’t believe how pretty it is, and how huge it is. It adds a lot to my attempted farmette ambiance.


Softball sized beets.  HUGE!  Last night for dinner we ate these – chopped up and roasted with olive oil and salt until they were a little crispy & chewy around the edges.  Delicious.  Also – do you see the sunflower peeking over the neighbor’s fence, to the left of my head?  It just got big enough to start peeking over the fence last week and Greta went berserk when she spotted it. Jamie said she spent much of the day running out into the backyard to bark at the sunflower…she thinks it is someone that is spying on us.  hehe.


I gave the beet tops to my chickens.  I like to eat these myself, but this year (due to the hot weather?) they were really sunburned and full of crispy brown spots and bug holes.  The chickens enjoyed them very much, though.  They are so competitive about food refused to take the time to rip the leaves up into bite sized pieces.  That would mean someone else could sneak up behind you and steal your bite sized leaf piece after all your hard work!  So instead they tried to swallow entire giant beat leaves!  They made weird gobbling noises while working on the task of swallowing leaves bigger than their heads.  They are such greedy little creatures, I love it.


My zucchini has been going absolutely nuts all summer long.  Usually it doesn’t do very well in Seattle – I’ve had problems with the leaves growing a soft white downy mildew, then the fruits turn yellow and shrivel up.  This year the weather has been so hot that I haven’t seen a speck of mildew – only zillions of zucchini!  It’s just started to slow down now (although I found two secret zucchini hiding under the very bottom leaves last night).  I didn’t think it was possible, but I was one of those people begging friends & neighbors to take some extra zucchini off my hands.  I made zucchini bread with one of my too-big-to-eat zucchinis and was disappointed to realize that the zucchini bread recipe only calls for ONE measly cup of zucchini!!  That’s nothing!


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