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Games for a Baby Shower

August 5, 2009

I’ve been thinking a lot about what we should do at our baby shower. I can’t decide if I’m handicapped in this arena because I’ve literally never been to a baby shower before, or if this is an advantage because I don’t have any ideas of what’s required.

I want this to be a laid back backyard BBQ type of party that’s not super baby-themed, as I mentioned in my previous post.  But I feel like there should be some activities to add to the fun of the party so it’s more than milling about and eating/drinking.  I like the idea of more active games with some sort of competition and prize.  I also like games that would leave me with some little souvenirs to remember the day by.  And finally, I’d love to do things that both men & women will find fun.

Here’s what I’m thinking so far.  What do you think about these ideas?  Any others I should add to the list?  Any I should take off?  Any advice would be appreciated!

Backyard Croquet:
I can see this being really fun because it’s a team sport, and we could modify the rules of the game in some way to really get the competitive juices flowing.  Also I have a Great Dane & 3 backyard chickens, so it would be hilarious if we could incorporate them into the game somehow.  And of course there will be prizes for the winners.

Bocce Ball:
Same basic idea as Croquet, but different game.

Baby Project Runway:
I’m excited for this one.  We would have a bunch of plain white onesies along with supplies to customize them into amazing & fashionable creations.  Paint, buttons, rhinestones, ribbons, fabric, etc, etc.  At the end of the party we’d judge the creations & pick the winners, and I’d be left with cute baby clothes that were created by my friends.

Baby Piñata:
It could be fun to get a baby-shaped piñata, fill it with various baby related items, and then do the traditional blindfolding, spinning, and whacking.  I think it sounds hilarious…but maybe this would weird people out.  I don’t really want to leave people with the impression that I have some creepy hidden aggression towards my poor unborn baby.

Anything else?

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