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Baby Shower Planning

August 4, 2009

I’m finally mentally ready to start thinking about our baby shower.  Friends have been asking about it for months and I hadn’t been able to get excited about it.  I don’t know what, but something happened about 2 weeks ago where I suddenly thought a baby shower sounded like a lot of fun and got the spurt of energy necessary to start thinking about it.

I had a lot of fun designing an invitation to the shower.  I was browsing Evite’s baby shower templates and was getting so frustrated by all the templates that were so overpoweringly babyish. I’m not a baby, and although this party is in honor of a baby an actual baby will not be in attendance.  I don’t understand why I’d want the theme of my party to be something a baby might enjoy, or something that’s cloyingly sweet & gag worth to adults like me.  Dancing cartoon dinosaurs? “When a baby is born, so is a mother.” “Soon you’ll hear the pitter patter…”  Gag me!  I’m just not a very sentimental person, and these super cutesy invites were making me angry!!!  like seriously, angry.  Maybe my hormones are causing me to be unreasonable?





Anyhow, I got frustrated with the baby themed invites on Evite and started browsing the BBQ invites.  That seemed like a better place to start since I knew I wanted my shower to include both men & women, and for it to be more of a backyard BBQ party with games.  In my mind, the other option is more of a prim & proper event where ladies sip bubbly mocktails, smell candy bars melted into diapers, and then I put on a show of opening & cooing over all the gifts while my friends watch and pretend they’re having fun.  BBQ is much more my style.

So here’s the final invite!  I love it so much because it is totally my style, and incorporates special things from my life.  The dog is actually a cartoonized picture of my beloved Great Dane – Greta.  I have three backyard chickens, and so a drawing of Agnes was included to represent them.  And then of course there is the stork carrying the baby because this BBQ is in honor of a soon to arrive baby – we don’t want anyone to think this is just a run of the mill backyard BBQ!

BBQ evite w greta&stork

What do you think?

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  1. Johanna permalink
    August 7, 2009 6:07 pm

    That’s the coolest, most hilarious invite! Love it. I had my baby shower at our local brewery (it’s the most family friendly, smoke free place in the area). Anyhow, I had a green theme asking the peeps to make or recycle or find green baby gifts. It worked out pretty well. We gave some gardening gifts like gloves, seeds etc to winners. The one game I liked was giving everyone some cheap bracelets (you could so necklaces) and a list of words they can’t say the entire time like “baby, due date, cute” etc. If you caught someone you could take their bracelet and the one at the end of the party with the most wins. This isn’t a game but I had people write in a little journal something to us, the baby, a story, anything really. It was pretty moving to see all the great things people wrote. Have fun planning! Oh, and that burst of energy your getting is the nesting effect, getting you ready for the MARATHON of labor ha ha!

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