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More sun catchers

December 8, 2013

Now were making sun catchers using melted beads!


Paper airplane mania!

November 21, 2013

We have been making paper airplanes like crazy these past two days!

Here Isaac lines up all of our paper airplanes for display:


Here they all are!  From left to right we’ve got The Loop de Loop, The Fastest, The Fastest 2, The Dulcie, The High Glider, and The Eagle.


My favorite is the High Glider & the Loop de Loop. Isaac’s favorite is The Fastest.

Here he is, showing off his favorite!


And here’s one of my favorites, the Loop de Loop. I’m so impressed, I’ve never made such a cool paper airplane before!



November 14, 2013

We’ve been really in to this new art project, called Melty Crayons. We learned how to do it here, from this awesome kid friendly art project blog The Artful Parent.

All you do is heat up a baking sheet in the oven, then lay a sheet of paper over it (while it is still hot) and draw on the paper with crayons. The heat from the baking sheet causes the crayons to melt as you draw and the end result is a sort of sun-catcher. Very fun!



Coot Lake

November 5, 2013

Last weekend we enjoyed the beautiful blue skies and sunshine of fall in Colorado. We went for a little walk around Coot Lake and watched dogs jump into the lake and go swimming!


Art with cars

November 5, 2013

Isaac and I have discovered car painting! He’s super into it.  Here’s how it works:

First you squeeze paint into a pie pan:


Then you dip a race car (or monster truck) into the paint and drive it around on your piece of paper.


Here are the results!  You might be getting one of these in the mail, if you haven’t already!


Pachamama Farm

October 31, 2013

A few weeks ago, we went to a Harvest Festival slash Flood Fundraiser at a Longmont farm called Pachamama Farm.  It was the most gorgeous fall day, and the farm was amazing.  We just enjoyed walking around, gawking at the scenery, and then going on a little hayride tour around the farm.  The perfect way to spend a fall day, in my opinion!

Check out the view these chickens get to enjoy every day!


Old farm equipment and blue skies.


Jamie assists Isaac in a game of stump jumping. Good old fashioned fun!


The farm’s greenhouse


Here’s our hayride trailer, ready to go!


Happy hay riders!


Goo goo picture eyes

October 22, 2013

These eyes are called “goo goo picture eyes” according to Isaac :



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