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Day 10: drive to Palm Springs 

June 9, 2015

Next up: another 4 1/2 hour drive. This time to reach Aunt Susan’s house in Palm Springs.

We stopped at Dairy Queen for lunch. Isaac shared his ice cream with Florence. What a sweet brother! 


It was a long drive, through totally barren hot desert. There were hardly any places for us to stop and take a break, which made for a not so fun day.

We finally made it, just before dinner. It is beautiful here. Florence started making her “beautiful face” again, it is cracking us up. And you can see how hot and sweaty I am after the day of driving!


Pool party!


Day 9: Las Vegas 

June 9, 2015

We ended up staying an extra day in Vegas so we can see the sights, and recover from our long journey yesterday.

We woke up so early that most of Vegas was still asleep. But we did manage to ride the monorail at 8 AM.   

Inside the Paris hotel.


Enjoying the party scene at the MGM Grand lazy river. This was a highlight for Isaac! Florence had to wear her winter hat in the pool because we lost her sun hat!


It was tough to have a baby in Vegas, there was absolutely no where to sit down and nurse her! She reached a breaking point late in the afternoon, was so hungry, and I couldn’t find anywhere to nurse her. I ended up using a couch, surrounded by at least 500 people waiting to check into their rooms at the Bellagio. Talk about awkward! This beautiful blown glass was right above my nursing area in the lobby of the Bellagio!


We had dinner at the rain Forest Café, at Isaac’s request.


It was actually really fun for all of us!


Day 8: Bryce Canyon and drive to Vegas

June 9, 2015

We woke up the next morning, and took a shuttle through Bryce Canyon national Park. We had arrived too late the day before to see the park. It was very chilly!         

Funny faces


The park was filled with Pondarosa Pines. Our shuttle driver told us to go up close to the trunk and smell a crack in the bark. He said it will smell like vanilla or butterscotch, depending on how your brain is wired. John, Jessica, and I smelled butterscotch. Isaac smelled vanilla! So cool.


Team JJ


We ate lunch together, then John and just had to head home to California. Mom Isaac Florence and I made our way to Vegas. It was a four and a half hour drive…

Rest stop fun.    

Strawberries and Cheetos for the baby.

The drive felt really long. Florence managed to cry for the last 90 minutes! Awful. But we finally made it to Vegas! We stayed in the MGM Grand.

Isaac was completely smitten by Vegas. We explored the nightlife. He loved every second of it!


Day 7: drive to Bryce Canyon 

June 9, 2015

We woke up and set off early, towards our next stop on the trip. Bryce Canyon national Park.

Here are Florence and I, during a nursing break on the side of the road.  

So happy to be out of her car seat!


We finally arrived at the hotel! The sink made a perfect little seat for Florence.


Our hotel had a huge gift shop. I loved these rugs. Only $4500 each…


During our lunch stop John, Jessica, and Isaac decided to make a detour to do some off-roading in the new Jeep.


Happiest boy in the world!


Isaac fed Moose lots of treats along the way. He learned the meaning of the word “hey day” from John & Jessica and kept saying “today is Moose’s hey day!” Lol


Day 6: more Grand Canyon

June 9, 2015

Our second day at the Grand Canyon we drove around to different viewpoints to enjoy the scenery. 

But first we set on benches outside the lodge and had breakfast burritos.

Scenery time!

Isaac was thrilled to hold Moose’s leash.


Florence snoozed.


This rock formation is called Angels window. Look to the top, you can see little people walking out onto yet another beautiful and scary precipice! Of course we had to do it too!


I love Isaac’s little crossed leg pose here.

Isaac tired of getting his picture taken…


Tossing rocks into the canyon.


Posing with Jessica, the girl he loves with all his heart.


Contemplating the Grand Canyon.


One last look from our favorite viewpoint.


Day 5: Grand Canyon North Rim

June 9, 2015

Next stop: Grand Canyon national Park, north rim! Back on the road. 
Stopped for a break in Arizona, checked out a very hot playground.


Another rest stop in Navajo land in Arizona. Spectacular scenery, hot and dry, a jewelry stand in the middle of nowhere. There was also an outhouse that was a plywood shack, with a plywood bench inside, and a hole cut in the bench. Isaac was thrilled by this. He used it multiple times in the span of 20 minutes, and we even spotted a lizard living inside the outhouse!


At last, we we reached the Grand Canyon! The lodge with built right on the edge of the canyon with huge windows. Spectacular!



Even better – John and Jessica met up with us there! It was so wonderful to see them!

Selfie time 



There was a very cool precipice out over the edge of the Grand Canyon. A tiny little fence surrounded the rock finger jutting into the abyss. My favorite part of the park!!


Day 4: Monument Valley 

June 3, 2015

Beautiful drive today through Monument Valley – on the border area between Utah & Arizona.